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Family owned and operated since 1998
Bootan.com is the first private website on travel to Bhutan!  It was launched in April 1998 and we’ve been sending folks to Bhutan since then.
People ask why we’re bootan.com  rather than bhutan.com?  At the time we were developing our website the bhutan.com domain name was taken and offered for sale at USD 50,000. We thought it was a tad too steep and instead used the Marco Polo spelling of “bootan” added a .com and here we are almost 20 years later…
Sonam is the travel consultant and the “go” person between our clients and our family-run travel agents in Bhutan.  She hails from Bhutan but considers herself a Bhutanese American since she has studied and lived in the US since her college days.  She understands the cultural nuances between east and west and has helped many a traveler navigate through the eddies and swirls of cultural differences.  Also for those of our clients who prefer to have a “real conversation,” it is reassuring for them to speak with someone who can understand them and most importantly whom they can understand! 

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